A Little Lopsided

I’ve been having fun playing around on my new sewing machine. I’ve got a super cute finished bag to share with you soon, once I can take some good pictures. Unfortunately, this little clutch purse didn’t turn out as well.

Clutch Purse from Quilt a Bag

I did my best to disguise the lopsidedness in the picture, but in real life there is no missing it. Unfortunately, I didn’t sew the bottom panel on quite right, which threw the whole thing off. Since the fabric ravelled very easily, I figured it was better to just forge ahead rather than attempt to rip it out and ruin the whole thing.

So, in the end I got a wonky finished bag and learned some skills (and some lessons on lining things up better). I’m going to look for some more fabric is similar colours (I really liked the fabric), and reuse the top clasp. I’m not discouraged! I’ve got a whole bunch more of sewing projects I want to tackle.

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4 Responses to A Little Lopsided

  1. Annie says:

    It’s cute! I wouldn’t worry about lopsidedness. When you put things in the bag, it would never hang perfectly anyway!

  2. cucki says:

    it is very pretty xxx

  3. Robin says:

    I think it’s awesome. Anyone can go buy a perfect purse. But only one can have a lopsided original. 😉

  4. Darlene says:

    I like how it turned out. Remember when you put things in it no one will know it’s lopsided.