Cursed Socks

Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. Unfortunately for me, it looks like some yarn I really love isn’t meant to be a pair of socks.

You may remember that back in September, I tried to work on a pair of socks while I was away for a short holiday in Las Vegas. They didn’t work out too well…

6x2 Rib Socks

Yuck! They didn’t stripe at all like they were supposed to!

So, I ripped them out, and started from the toe up, using no particular pattern. Things went pretty well…

Purple Striped Sock

…until I got to the heel. I’ve tried four different times to come up with a nice heel for these socks. But I gave up after my last attempt when I ended up with this:

Pointy Heel!!

Who’s heel is shaped like that?!

So, I ripped the sock out. The yarn has returned to my stash, to sit for goodness knows how long and think about what it did wrong.

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2 Responses to Cursed Socks

  1. Annie says:

    Too funny! I don’t knit socks, but I’ve always wondered how the self-striping yarn thing could work properly on just any design.

    Don’t know much about heels either, but yours reminds me of a toe sock I once made for a friend who had a cast on for a broken ankle!

  2. Dani says:

    Sorry your stickies didn’t work out! It is pretty yarn