2012 Plans

I’ve learned a lot of useful things this year. Perhaps the most useful things I’ve learned overall is that having the right tool for the job makes everything easier. But beyond universal truths, I’ve also learned a few things about myself. First, I’m probably better at aiming for abstaining rather than moderation in some things (stash shopping, I’m talking about you!). Also, I tend to do much better when I have a concrete plan rather than when flying by the seat of my pants.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ll be taking part in a few different SALs next year. Hopefully, they will give me some structure, much like my ornament of the month project did this year. So, along with trying to clear up some WIPs, I’ve also got monthly themes to work with. That gave me the idea of setting up a (tentative) list of what I’d like to work on each month. (The themes come from Geeky Heather’s Theme-a-licious, the monthly WIP projects are inspired by Measi’s WIPocalypse, and the monthly TW projects are my personal goals for next year.)

  • January – garden theme
    • Egypt Garden (WIP, theme)
    • Gingerbread House (WIP, TW)
    • Bargello Basics (WIP, TW)
  • February – fangirl theme
    • Think Snow (theme, TW)
    • any WIP
  • March – madness (work on different project everyday – I don’t expect to do well with this theme)
    • To Everything There is a Season (TW, theme for at least one day)
    • any WIP
  • April – amazon (large projects)
    • 12 Days of Christmas (WIP, theme)
    • Grazing Bovines (TW)
  • May – memories (old WIPs)
    • Summer Keep/Winter Keep (theme, TW, WIP)
    • 12 Days of Christmas (WIP)
  • June – jumanji (animals)
    • Hummingbird (TW, theme)
    • any WIP
  • July – jolly (Christmas)
    • 12 Days of Christmas (WIP, theme)
    • Christmas Animals (theme, TW)
  • August – altius (new skills)
    • Cutwork Compass Rose (WIP, theme, TW)
  • September – smalls
    • Delightful Dragon Fob (TW, WIP, theme)
  • October – obligation
    • 12 Days of Christmas (theme, WIP)
    • Geometric (TW)
  • November – nail it (finishing nearly done projects)
    • 12 Days of Christmas (WIP, theme [hopefully!!])
    • Creativ Festival kits (theme, WIP)
    • Here Be Tiny Dragons (TW, theme, WIP)
  • December – delightful (anything!!)
    • bookmark (TW)
    • any WIP


You’re probably wondering about all the “any WIP” listed. Well, I currently have a (slightly out of date) list that has 45 WIPs on it. Shameful. Some of those WIPs are covered by my monthly TW projects, and I decided to pick a few others to concentrate on next year so that I would have some variety.

  • 12 Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott (which is listed specifically several times)
  • Egypt Garden by Chatelaine (which I don’t expect to make much progress on, but which I love)
  • Love, Peace and a Cure by Lizzie*Kate (which I think is close to finished)
  • Santa of the Forest by Lavender and Lace (an old piece that I would love to see finished)
  • small canvaswork projects from A Needle Pulling Thread (these are by Carolyn Mitchell, but I forget the name of the design…)

What about new projects, you’re probably wondering now. Well, I have another list. On it are over 70 projects that are either kits or that I have kitted up and are ready to go. I haven’t decided on the fabric for a couple, and I need to pull the DMC for a few others, but they are all essentially ready to stitch. From that ridiculous list I’ve picked the following pieces to start next year, when the urge takes me or as a reward:

  • Down the Garden Path by Lynn Nicoletti
  • Voyage at Sea by Dimensions
  • Yo Ho Ho by Sue Hillis
  • 12 Days of Christmas by Victoria Sampler
  • Friendly Full Moon Witch by Chatelaine
  • Elizabeth by Mirabilia
  • various small ornament kits from Mill Hill

I’m not planning to start all of them. But, I did want to give myself a bit of a variety so that I wouldn’t feel too restricted. (I will probably start the Chatelaine or Mirabilia design in January, as my new year start. Although, I am still waiting for the fabric for the witch.)

So, really, I’ve set myself a plan that includes more projects that many people have in their entire stash. And I’m not even thinking about any classes I might take during the year. But these lists will help me to remember that I don’t need to buy anything new. I can want all I want, but I don’t need anything.


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2 Responses to 2012 Plans

  1. WOW! You’re planning for the whole year and I haven’t even nailed down January yet!! 🙂 I think your list looks great; very “doable”.

  2. Christine says:

    I look forward to all of those HD posts!

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year.