Dragons on the Tree

I’ve managed to both fall behind and to be right on schedule with Christmas this year. With less than three days to go, all I have left to do is some grocery shopping, a bit of baking, a little bit of wrapping, and some light cleaning. Fingers crossed that things continue to go well!

Despite a sore back, the tree went up last Thursday.

ChristmasTree (2011)

There she is! Really, it isn’t about ready to tip over. Clearly, I took the picture at some sort of weird angle. And it was pretty dark and deary here yesterday, with rain off and on the whole time.

And, I do remember saying I had a couple of ornaments to share. But, after putting everything on the tree, I forgot which ones I hadn’t taken pictures of yet. The only one I could remember was Christmas Cookie Theif by Jennifer Aikman-Smith. I took this as a class at the Creativ Festival in October, but it is now available for sale on PatternsOnline.

Christmas Cookie Thief by Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams)

So, Christmas, bring it on! My gifts are finished, my tree is up, and by bedtime tonight, I’ll be ready! I hope they rest of you out there are ready for the holidays too.

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