String Blocks

I’m still motoring along happily with the Craftsy Quilt Block of the Month class. Although, I did learn last month to hold off a week or so and let any of the problems with the printed pattern be sorted out before I get started. 😉

This month’s blocks used the string piecing method, which is essentially sewing fabrics strips over a base fabric in a specific way, and then trimming all the over-hanging fabric to get your pieces. Here’s a picture of the Broken Spider Web block in progress:

Piecing the Broken Spider Web Block

This time I went for the green and blue fabrics in my fat quarter pack, as you can see. I’m still really loving how they all look with the black.

Trimmed Broken Spider Web Block

The above picture is what a segment of the block looks like once all the strips have been sewn on and it has been trimmed. Pretty neat, eh?

And, the finished block:

Broken Spider Web Block

As always, the colours are off. I am using a better camera now, but the strange light I had when I took these pictures yesterday morning has washed out the colours, and made them seem much more pastel.

The other block for the month is a simple String Block. I picked pink and purple prints for it.

String Block

Overall, my points are improving, and so is my ability to sew a straight-ish 1/4″ seam. (I do use a 1/4″ foot, but even still…) I can’t wait for next months blocks, which is be paper piecing, which I have done before and thoroughly enjoyed.

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1 Responses to String Blocks

  1. Giovanna says:

    Pretty blocks, and the colours are lovely. Great going!