…And Its Head Popped Off

Several times last year I wrote about how much easier tasks are when you have the right tool for the job. At that time, I was mainly talking about getting the right feet for my sewing machine and serger. The cording foot for the serger made making a pillow for the little man a breeze, and the 1/4″ for my sewing machine has helped to make so many sewing projects look much neater.

When it comes to my knitting, I’ve got a whole lot of tools. I’ve got a forest of knitting needles since different yarns and different projects are all better done with different types: metal dpns for top-down socks in cotton yarn, wooden circulars for toe-up socks in bamboo yarn, plastic circulars for sweaters in blended yarns, etc. I’ve also got piles of stitch markers, stacks of scissors and there must be some tape measures around here somewhere… (I’ve lost two this week alone).

Terrible webcam picture of broken ball winder

While not in regular use, I couldn’t knit many of my projects without my handy ball winder. I had (past tense) a lovely purple and grey one from Knit Picks. I bought it back in April of 2009, about six months after I learned to knit. It has probably wound enough sock yarn to go around the Earth at least once, and I’m sure I’ve wound some other kinds of yarn on it too. 😉 (Honest, I do knit things other than socks.)

This morning it died. The entire top part of it popped off and I just can’t reseat it properly.

And you’ll never guess what I was winding… sock yarn. lol!

Update: Knit Picks has agreed to replace the ball winder for free! How wonderful is that? This isn’t the first time that I have received wonderful customer service from them. I am most definitely a happy Knit Picks customer.


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1 Responses to …And Its Head Popped Off

  1. Annie says:

    That is really a testimony to good customer service. I’m amazed that they are replacing it for free.

    I know what you mean about tools. I’m craving a walking foot, but my sewing machine is too old to get one that fits.