As you may or may not know, Google shut down Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger blogs back on March 1st. Personally, I think this was a terrible decision, but there isn’t anything I can do about other than either switch to Blogger or find another solution. Hosted blogs like Blogger are a really great option, but I like the freedom of a self-administered blog (and I love WordPress a whole lot).

So, that leaves me with the need to find another solution. If you like following my blog through your Blogger dashboard, you can still do so by adding my blog to your blogroll manually. Just go to your Dashboard, scroll down to Reading List, click on the big Add button and enter my URL ( You can also follow me through one of the widgets on my sidebar (you might have to scroll down a little). One is Networked Blogs, which works a bit like Google Reader, and the other is my Google+ for the blog (not my personal page). And, of course, you can always read my blog here or through any RSS aggregate reader (like Google Reader).

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  1. Christine says:

    I’ve got your journal syndicated on LiveJournal. Can give the instructions on how to follow there if anyone needs them.