TUSAL – April 2012

Look at that! Only a day late with my TUSAL post. Wow! (I still need to do my WIPocalypse post though…)

TUSAL - April 2012

Lots of lovely blue and green yarn this month (I still need to share those projects!), and a little bit of floss too, mostly from 12 Days of Christmas and JBW’s Wedding Announcement.

I’d also like to write a little bit about a blog post written by Cynthia of The Drawn Thread earlier this week. She is very proactive in searching out designs that have been shared illegally and doing what she can to shut down the sites that host them. Sadly, she discovered that her design The Bra Band has been shared on one of these sites. What makes this doubly sad is that the design was created to raise money for breast cancer research. In response to numerous requests from stitchers (who respect copyrights), she has made the design available for digital download purchase on her website for $5, all of which will go to charity. So, if you’d like a copy of this lovely design, head on over and buy yourself one and help to offset, in a small way, the damage done by people who steal cross stitch charts.

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