WIPocalypse Check-In – April 2012

WIPs? What are those? All I want to do is start my new projects. Wheeeee!!

Okay, seriously, I have worked a little bit on Joan Elliott’s 12 Days of Christmas. See:


12 Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott (WIP)

I have, however, come to an important decision. I want to give my mom a cross stitched gift this year. I’d love for it to be 12 Days of Christmas, but there is no what that is going to be possible. I have obligation knitting and stitching to do, other big projects, and I’ve got to sleep once in a while. (Although, someone really needs to tell my insomnia that.) So, 12 Days will be hibernating until I can finish up all my obligations and stitch my mom something smaller. I may or may not share pictures, since my mom likes to peek.

My other important decision regarding 12 Days is that I am going to replace all the DMC metallic with PTB. I know I said I was going to tough it out since I didn’t want to spend any more money on this piece, but DMC metallic sucks. I just can’t torture myself with it any more. 😛

Now, onwards to small WIPs and new projects full of promise!

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One Response to WIPocalypse Check-In – April 2012

  1. Giovanna says:

    It’s gorgeous! But I can see how it would be hard to finish in time to be a gift for your mother – wise decision 🙂