Workin’ at the Marketplace

What a busy weekend! I spent the last couple of days helping out at the Enchanting Lair room at the Needleworker’s Marketplace up here in Mississauga. I had a nice time working with all of Laura’s lovely hand-dyed fabrics. I got to talk to stitchers about their projects and offer the occasional suggestion about the perfect fabric. Retail is hard work, but thankfully all of the customers were just lovely.

Fabulous hand-dyed fabric from Enchanting Lair

The Needleworker’s Marketplace is a retail show that is put on in conjunction with the retreat run by my LNS. This year there were nine vendors who showed their products in their hotel rooms. It might sound a bit weird to those of you used to the convention centre-type of set up of most shows, but it actually works out really well.

Dinky Dyes Silks and Enchanting Lair models

Among this years vendors were Brenda Franklin, X’s and O’s and Jeanette Douglas. And really, they are all just as nice as you expect them to be. Being able to see their models in person is just fabulous. Nothing ever looks right in a photo. (I ended up ordering Jeanette’s My Storybook. When I saw the picture the other week I wasn’t interested, but the actual model was just stunning in person.)

As a bit of an aside, it is sure nice to be able to come in and help someone out. I was there to work the cash, offer the occasional suggestion, and be a body in the room if Laura needed to run out somewhere. I appreciate the fact that she trusted me with being part of the public face of her business at this event, and also trusted me enough to know what my limits were. I did what I knew, and passed off any major decisions regarding order pricing, etc. to her. Everything went smoothly, and I think we both had an enjoyable weekend. I hope she invites me to help out again next year.

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