Monday afternoon I finished what has become my most favourite project ever: Freddie the teddy bear.

Freddie the Bear

I really enjoyed working on him. And, surprisingly, he isn’t as difficult as he looks. The kit I purchased had the fur pieces cut out already, and the instructions were quite good. I did learn, though, that you need a lot of pins when working with faux fur, and that getting a 1/4″ seam can be difficult. (Occasionally my seams were too scant, and since the fur is trimmed from them, Freddie has a few spots were he is a touch bald.)

The little man and Freddie

I will most definitely be making another teddy bear. I have my fingers crossed that Bears and Bedtime will be running another class at the fall Creativ Festival (I wish I had taken last year’s!), or at the very least that they have a booth. I do have one more kit (which I have to put out the pieces for myself), but I know that I want lots more bears, and cats, and bunnies. 😀 There is nothing like creating an heirloom toy to make you want to make many, many more.

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