July Stitching Blogger Question

Ouch! My poor left hand. It seems that knitting four pairs of socks on small metal needles, one right after the other, wasn’t such a good idea. I have developed a pain my in hand that is taking a bit to long to go away. I’ve been taking it easy since the weekend, which means I’ll be sharing some older finishes during the next couple of days. I have been able to do some canvaswork though, since I’m leaning the frame against the table, so I might have some of that to share soon too.

Before I get to this month’s SBQ, there are just a couple of more things I wanted to mention. First, I’ve got a new comment system set up. If you have trouble with it, please send me an email to let me know (link to your right -> ). And speaking of to your right, I’ve added some links that will let you find me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Steam (for those of you who are gamers).

So, this month’s Stitching Blogger Question from Lee is:

“Oh, I don’t have the patience for stitching/crafting.” How do you respond when you get that kind of statement? What’s the best response you’ve ever heard/seen?

You know, it is funny, but I get this sort of comment about my knitting from people who are stitchers. To them, I usually say that cross stitching takes a lot longer, and knitting is more portable, so I can take it just about anywhere and make time to get things done.

The best response I’ve heard to this sort of comment is that crafting is what gives us patience, and that is so true. I go crazy if I haven’t got something to do with my hands (like now with my sore left hand…), and I have not patience at all. But give me a sock to knit or a design to stitch, and I will wait all day.

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3 Responses to July Stitching Blogger Question

  1. xinef82 says:

    Curious. I’d say that cross stitching requires more patience than knitting.

  2. Silverlotus says:

    Oh, I agree. I think that people just generally feel that a craft they don’t do is harder/requires more patience than something they already know how to do.

  3. I have been on the receiving end of that comment, but I’ve never come up with a good answer. I’m actually envious of knitters because (generally speaking) you have much more to show for 100 hours work of knitting (possibly multiple finishes) than 100 hours work of stitching (especially one one big/complicated piece).