WIPocalypse – At a Loss

Well, if you can believe it, I just don’t know what to work on for Wipocalypse this month. I just checked my list, and I have 53 WIPs. Surely to goodness there is something in there I can work on this month. (Five were started this year, so they don’t really count. Does that make things better?)

So, let’s see. This month’s theme for Theme-a-licious is Jolly July, where holiday stitching of all sorts is on order. I’m planning on stitching up Haberdashery Designs’ Voodoo Girl so my mom can take it on a trip with her (long story, but don’t worry, it will be coming home to me).

I think I will focus on Christmas Biscornu by Kim Beamish this month. It is a class piece from the 2011 fall Creativ Festival. I really like the design, but I put it away for quite a while because there is sooooo much buttonhole stitch in it. The other week I actually dug it out and powered through it, and I think I may have finally figured out buttonhole stitch. (Starting it still confuses me, but I think I figured that out too.)


Christmas Biscornu, designed by Kim Beamish

I’ve still got the centre area to do, obviously, and a bunch of eyelet stitches there behind the buttonhole stitches, but it is still looking great.

The bottom is plain, but I’m think I may stitch the holly border from the top. When it is sewn together, the buttonhole/eyelet/bars hangs over like a lace edging. Beautiful, really. I can’t wait to finish it. I think I’ve found my WIPocalypse focus for July.

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