Winter is Coming. Right?

There’s nothing like knitting winter accessories in the middle of a heat wave.


A Nobel Cowl

This A Noble Cowl, designed by Emily Kausalik (and free!), and knit from Cascade Yarns Pima Silk in colour 6478 Sky Blue. I finished it up while we were roasting in the heat last week.

Soft doesn’t even begin to describe how this yarn feels. It is like butter, like a baby’s bum, like a cloud. Why would I be disappointed that I can’t knit with wool when I have lovely yarns like this available to me?

There is one downside to this cowl–I don’t like things around my neck. So, as much as I adore this, it is going into the Christmas gift box. Yes, I said it, I’m knitting Christmas gifts already. 😉

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1 Responses to Winter is Coming. Right?

  1. Giovanna says:

    A very pretty knit, whatever you may do with it – well done!