Witches and Owls (Spoilers!)

I think it is interesting how we sometimes get into a really groove in terms of stitching subject matter. Last year, for example, I stitched a lot of Christmas things. And this summer, I seem to be all about the Halloween stitching.

Friendly Full Moon Witch by Chatelaine (WIP)

I’ve made a bit of progress on Chatelaine’s Friendly Full Moon Witch. The fabric is from Picture this Plus, I believe. Maybe one you ladies will recognize it, since I can’t remember the name. Maybe it is Crystal Gothic?

Very Scary by Lizzie*Kate (WIP)

And, of course, there is Lizzie*Kate’s mystery design Very Scary. I’m not as far along in part 2 as I’d like to be, but given that I’ve made six quilt blocks and finished one knit scarf and a pair of socks, I think I’ve got some good excuses. 😉

I hope to have Very Scary done in time for Halloween this year (and framed to! Do you hear that, husband?), but I’m in no rush to finish Friendly Full Moon Witch since I don’t really have any place to hang her. I need more walls!

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