A Pool of Rainbows

Saturday, and day four of the Creativ Festival. I’ve got another class with Jennifer Aikman-Smith this morning, and a needlecase class with the lady who designed this beautiful biscornu (it is a companion piece to it too). Today is also the day that I finally get to do some shopping. I did spend some time last weekend looking through my stash as a reminder that I don’t need anything (except a piece of Christmas tree green fabric to stitch up a small design before December), so I’m hoping my will power has been built up high enough.

I will also be meeting up with a knitting friend from Ravelry today, the lady who I knit socks for once in a while. And, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got another pair of socks done for her.

Everyone Outta the Pool Socks

The pattern is Everyone Outta the Pool by Artsygal, and it available from Ravelry for US$3.99. The yarn is Panda Cotton in colourway Circus, which is a lot like a pastel rainbow that is heavy on the yellows and oranges. And it pools something awful. Before switching to this pattern, I tried knitting a plain pair of socks, and it looked awful. Check out the cuffs to see what I mean. I wasn’t able to tame the pooling up there.

So, off to classes again. Goodness, I’m getting tired, but it sure is fun!

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2 Responses to A Pool of Rainbows

  1. Anny P says:

    Speaking as someone whose rare attempts at knitting have always been a huge amusement to my family – more a case of ‘can you guess what it is yet?’ – I have to say, I love those socks!

  2. Jessica says:

    These are such cute socks! I hope that knitting socks gets easier with time. I made my first attempt at socks recently. I struggled for three weeks and now I have one sock. It felt so good to finish, and now I still have to do the second one!