A Boxy-ish Bag

I’m heading off to day three of the Creativ Festival today. I’ll be learning how to design my own custom fit sock, how to make “dragon boat” ornaments with thread, and I also have two stitching classes with Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams. As you saw the other day, I’m lugging a big pile of stuff with me every day, and I thought I would share something I made to help me organize things. I will note, though, that I seem to have more sewing failures than anything else.

Witness the boxy-ish bag.

An almost box bag. Pictures can hide a lot of flaws!

The pattern is from the Craftsy class Beginner Serging. The mistakes, though, are all mine and my machine’s. Really, at first glance it looks okay, but the zipper is a bit off kilter, and that made the rest of the box not quite rectangular.

Still,  it is good enough to store some bits and pieces. And, I’ve also learned a little more about what my serger is capable of. It is a good machine, but it doesn’t quite have the power needed to get through lots of layers of fabric along with something tough like a zipper. But, I think I now know how I can use my serger and my sewing machine together to make a nicely finished box bag. That, though, will have to wait for another day.

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