Creative Persuasion

Yesterday was the first day of classes at the Creativ Festival. I had a six hour class with Carolyn Mitchell on her design Creative Persuasion. (You can see the finished design here.) With only six hours in the class, I wasn’t able to accomplish too much. But, what I do have done is just lovely:

Creative Persuasion by Carolyn Mitchell (WIP)

The fibres include lots of Kreinik braids, Threadworx overdyeds, Pebbly Perle and Neon Rays. And the colours are just fabulous! I want to say that this is the first Creativ Festival project that I will try to finish up, but I know myself. I fall in love with every class project, and I want to finish them all up as quickly as possible!

I’m back at the classes this afternoon. (no shopping yet! The show floor doesn’t open until Friday, and I don’t have any free time until Saturday afternoon.) Today it is a lovely Santa with Maria E. Gollek (you can see a small picture of it here) and a small dragon design with Laura Dickson of Enchanting Lair (also on the page I linked to). I can’t wait!

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