Petite Flowers

Today I’m sharing these two lovely examples of petite point:

Pretty purple petite point pins.

The stick pin was a gift from a knitting friend who knew of my love of all things needlework. I haven’t worn it yet, but I do absolutely love it.

Pretty purple stick pin

The pin with the ribbon was something I picked up the other week at Goodwill. Would you believe it was only CAN$3.03? The stitching on it is beautiful, and it is in excellent shape.

Pretty purple bow pin

One day I’d like to try something on silk gauze. Being able to see two examples of that kind of work makes me itch to try it. In fact, I do have some silk gauze tuck away in a drawer. There was a pretty flower design in a back issue of A Needle Pulling Thread that I just might have to do…

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1 Responses to Petite Flowers

  1. Giovanna says:

    They’re so pretty, great finds!