Purple Wedding

Many years ago I stitched L&L’s The Wedding for the second time; this time for my own wedding. I don’t think I’ve stitched a design with so much white since then!

To match the colours of the design more closely those of my wedding, I adjusted the colours of the ribbons on the wedding dress and the flower girl’s dress. I left the flowers as they were charted since I really did have pink roses! Over past couple of years I’ve had several requests for my colour conversion. Unfortunately, though, I lost it! My chart was so damaged after the second time I stitched The Wedding, that I sent it back to get a replacement–with all my conversion notes on it!

The Wedding, Lavender and Lace

Anyway, I finally sat down with the chart, my finished piece, my DMC thread chart, and my conversion chart and came up with this:

930 -> 550

931 -> 552

932 -> 553

3753 -> 554

3756 -> 153

My only other change was to use MLI’s own conversion for Asian skin tone for the groom.

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1 Responses to Purple Wedding

  1. Fee says:

    Beautiful conversion, those colours really go well, you do have a great eye for colour, well done on tracking down the shades too!