Good morning! I hope you all survived last night’s spooky ghosts, goblins and princesses. Since we live in a condo building we didn’t have any creepy little visitors last night. But I did send one Creeper, along with a little boy, off to school.

“Steve” with his Creeper… making a face.

The little man is dressed as Steve, the player’s character from the game Minecraft. His little friend is a Creeper, one of the most annoying monsters in the game. It sneaks up on you and explodes!!!! On the little man’s shirt is a pickaxe that I made from Pyssla beads. We were going to make a full-sized one for him to carry, but the school asked for no weapons.

A Creeper and his pickaxe.

I’m very proud of the Creeper. He was a pain in the bum to make, but I think he turned out really great. I followed these instructions (but used my machine to sew the sides together; I hand stitched the tops and bottoms of all the blocks). And to get the face just right, I printed out a 4″x4″ Creeper face, cut out the eyes and mouth, taped it to the head, and then painted the features on. Perfect! (Unfortunately, he left it at school. I really hope it is still there!)

Next year I think he will be the Ninth Doctor. A black outfit and a sonic screwdriver. And maybe a fake nose. lol!

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