Finishing Up

You know what they say about good intentions, right?

Christmas Doves

These dove ornaments have been waiting to be finished for two years. You see, they were the cover kit from the December 2010 Cross Stitcher magazine (British), and I stitched them up right away. However, it turned out the that the stitched designs were actually too big for the holes that were pre-cut into the doves. Well, of course I had every intention of cutting the holes larger so the beauty of my wonderful stitching would be clear for all to see. (lol!)

I never got around to it.

Not surprised, eh?

So, Wednesday night I dug them out of the drawer where they have been since sometime late November/early December of long ago and I put the darn things together. Small holes be darned!

I continued my fit of finishing by attaching hangers and backings to the Halloween ornaments I stitched up for this year. Just in time, since I put all the Halloween decorations away yesterday morning…

Halloween ornaments for next year.

I really need to work on finishing stuff up more quickly.

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1 Responses to Finishing Up

  1. Anna says:

    Love the Halloween ornies! And I don’t think the holes look too small.