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Temperature Scarf

One of the big knitting trends so far this year is to knit a scarf that shows the temperature of your home everyday. Here’s my start so far. The few rows of green are the days when it was very … Continue reading

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Happy New Year and TUSAL

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the start of the year of the Serpent (or snake). People born in a Serpent year are said to be intelligent and quick, but prone to dishonesty. (Ouch!) They are also known as elegant … Continue reading

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Snow and Sleep

Poor Baby Man has been home sick for four days now. It is only a really nasty cold, but it has knocked his poor little body for a loop. All he has done is sleep and watch Mythbusters for the … Continue reading

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Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop #15

Baby Man and I have spent the last couple of days home sick. He is just about back to his old self, and should be off to school this afternoon. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a … Continue reading

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Holly Berries

So *cough* I’m still stitching. The arm, well, its okay. I’m supposed to rest it until the 27th. Yeah… This is Holly Berry Ornament by Carolyn Mitchell. It is a small design that uses the same stitches as a larger … Continue reading

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I Like Pie

So, I might not be resting my arm as much as I should be. But this is so cute! The pattern is All Your Pie Tape Measure Cover, designed by Tabitha Rose. It is available through Ravelry for only $2.00. … Continue reading

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Progress and Argh!!

Before I was told to rest my hand I spent some time working on Chocolate Humbug Bag from Northern Pine Designs. I think it is looking really pretty. To be honest, though, the instructions are a little confusing. Which is … Continue reading

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