Baby Blanket with a Twist

You might remember that a little while ago I shared a baby sweater that I knit for a pregnant friend. She had her little guy at the end of February and mommy and baby are doing well. And, of course, there is something about babies that make crafty people want to make things.


Skull Quilt

The top is a pre-pieced quilt-like fabric that is very baby. (I apologize for the poor picture. The day I took it we had no sun, only more snow…) The bottom is a skull-print flannelette. I’m sure some of you think it is a weird gift for a baby, but the mommy is a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloween in general. I’m pretty sure she is going to love it.

Skulls and stars

Skulls and stars (terrible picture!)

Personally, I think it is cute and I kinda wish I had made it for my little guy when he was a littler guy. It was very easy to make–sew right sides together leaving a space to turn; turn; do edge-stitching and you are done. I almost wish every sewing project was this easy. 😉

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2 Responses to Baby Blanket with a Twist

  1. Anna says:

    Love the “dark side.” 🙂

  2. Joanne P says:

    Great fabric for baby! I bet your friend’d love this site too: