Garden Path

Stitching? Who has time for that? Sock Madness has started!!

Actually, I have been stitching just a little bit. I’m made some progress on Down the Garden Path by Lynn Nicoletti.

Down the Garden Path, designed by Lynn Nicoletti (WIP)

Down the Garden Path, designed by Lynn Nicoletti (WIP)

The fabric is Meadow from Enchanting Lair, and I chose aida because I thought it would stand up better to being played with. The threads are DMC and Crescent Colours. I need to add some beads to the areas I’ve stitch, but I don’t have the right ones in my stash. The horror!!

Also, do these look like hearts or eggplants to you?

Heart or eggplant?

Heart or eggplant?

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4 Responses to Garden Path

  1. Linda S. says:

    Love the green fabric your using. I would say more like eggplants.


  2. Anna says:

    Very anatomical!

  3. Ruth says:

    Hearts. Definitely hearts. lol Love it though 🙂

  4. Hearts, for sure! Love the fabric.