Hudson Cowl

Have you every seen the movie Hudson Hawk? If you haven’t, don’t bother. It isn’t one of Bruce Willis’ masterpieces. But, thanks to my high school job as a movie store clerk (the stories I could tell!), I’ve seen it four times. And I replayed it in my head while I was knitting this:

On the Hudson cowl

On the Hudson cowl

The pattern is On the Hudson by Sandra Singh (available on Ravelry for US$5), and it is so much better than the movie. 😉 The yarn is Estelle Cloud Cotton for the black, white and purple, and Araicania Pomaire for the blue. It is so soft and smooshy, and just lovely. (I kinda want to make a giant, heavy blanket out of the Cloud Cotton, but it would bankrupt me, I think.)

OMG, who is that fat woman wearing my cowl?!

OMG, who is that fat woman wearing my cowl?!

I made the large version of the cowl, so it can either hang down like in this picture, or I can wrap it around my neck twice.

I really love how the combination of simple stitch patterns works so well together. And it was never boring, since after a few rows you move onto a different colour and a different stitch pattern. And, of course, it was so easy to adjust to colours I love. 🙂 Also, knitting from stash = good.

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4 Responses to Hudson Cowl

  1. Giovanna says:

    A very pretty cowl, in gorgeous colours – congrats on the finish!

  2. Lisa Bergin says:

    Love this cowl you have knitted, but I checked out the pattern and it is worked on circular needles which so far I have not mastered, my knitting always gets twisted.

  3. Joanne p says:

    Now all I can think of is the Muppets singing about the Hudson River Line in New York State of Mind. I think that’s a real memory and not one I made up but Google is on a go slow so I can’t check before posting!

    Lovely cowl anyway, looks nice and cosy.

  4. Joanne p says:

    You know what? I was right! And it’s on YouTube too, go google for yourself LOL