Next Ornament

I’m so delighted by how many people are taking part in the Ornament SAL. I’m so inspired by all the various styles and holidays that are being stitched. Please, if you are taking part (and you can join at any time), head over to this post to add your link. The link list will close on March 5, around midnight or so Eastern time.

Since I know how crazy life can get (and with the threat of March Break looming) I’ve already started stitching my ornament for March.

A wee dragon head

A wee dragon head

Is that another dragon? Of course!

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2 Responses to Next Ornament

  1. Giovanna says:

    Will you have to do a French knot for the eye? I always need my FK to straddle a thread of the fabric so it won’t pull through – how would that work on perforated paper?

  2. Susan says:

    Already started for March? I haven’t picked out my ornament yet. Not that there’s a lot to do to pick, have The Hubs pick a number and then count through the patters/kits, but I’ve been too busy to even do that. Looking forward to seeing more.