Guided Journaling Giveaway – Part 2

I’m so glad to discover that I’m not the only one who loves journaling, and that I’m also not the only one to have given it up even though I really love it.

Thanks to Christie’s generosity, I’m now able to offer two prizes! One of the prizes is the Adventures in Guided Journaling – Vol. 2 and the friendship card that I shared with you on Monday. (Don’t forget to head over to that post and leave a comment to enter.) The other prize is below:

Lots of journaling goodness!

Lots of journaling goodness!

All together you could get Adeventures in Guided Journaling – Vol. 1, Adventures in Guided Journaling – Vol. 2, the Friendship Card set, and the Guided Journaling Stickers.

To get a second entry into the giveaway, please leave a comment below. This time, why not try a lightning round (inspired by Christie).

sofa or couch; up or down; grey or silver; mild or spicy; wind or rain; water or wine; play or movie; Christmas or Halloween; tv or book

All entries will count towards winning one of the prizes, regardless of which post they were made on. Make sure you post a comment on both posts to get two entries! And tell your friends, or anyone you know who loves journaling. I think Christie’s journals are fabulous, and I think everyone should know about them. 😉

Don’t forget, both comment sections will close Saturday evening at about 9pm Eastern.

While you are waiting, don’t forget to check out Christie’s shop and her free printables on her blog.

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7 Responses to Guided Journaling Giveaway – Part 2

  1. Darlene says:

    Here are my answers
    couch; up; grey; mild; wind; wine; movie; book

  2. Nicole says:


    couch; up; grey; spicy; rain; water; movie; Christmas;

    tv or book ~ this one’s a toss up! Book for quiet time, tv if I want to get some stitching or crocheting done ;o)

  3. NatashaS says:

    Couch, Down, Silver, Spicy, Rain, Water, Play, Halloween, Book. =)

  4. Mari Adkins says:


  5. Sara says:

    Couch, up, silver, spicy, rain, wine, movie, Christmas, book! Thanks!

  6. couch (usually)
    spicy (but not too spicy!)
    wine (although, these days I don’t drink much alcohol)
    book (easy one!)

  7. Carolyn Nye says:

    Couch, Up, Silver, Mild, Rain, Water, Movie, Halloween, Book

    Thanks for the second chance!