Finishing Things – Royalty ABC

Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to doing the final finishing on a piece. For example, I finished stitching Jeanette Douglas’ Royalty ABC in August 2011, and then I sewed it into a bellpull last summer. But, I didn’t make the tassels, cord, and wrap the bellpull hardware finials until just last week. (I made a lot of changes to the design, most of which are noted in the post I linked to above. Basically, I didn’t stitch any of the rows with crosses, and I moved a couple of things around to keep it balanced.)


Royalty ABCs, finally hanging on my wall.

Royalty ABCs, finally hanging on my wall.

Not too bad, I think. I didn’t follow her directions, since I see no need to finish the back and roll it up and tie it with a ribbon. It is hanging on my wall. And I don’t mind having my stitching visible on the back.

abcsIt is actually quite a lovely design, even though it isn’t my usual style. You know, I say that an awful lot. Maybe things like this are my style? You know the saying “You aren’t what you say, but rather what you do.” Perhaps for stitching we should say “You aren’t what you say, but rather what you stitch.”

Do many of you think you have one particular style, but find yourself stitching things that aren’t your style often? I’d love to hear about it.

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