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I don’t often post about things other than my needlework, but once in a while I like to share things that I have found really interesting. The other week I meant to post about the Mom Conference, which was a really great collection of talks from some very smart ladies and gentleman on all sorts of subjects, ranging from quick and easy hair styles, to simple budgeting, to making healthy meals. Best of all, it was free. Sadly, now you have to pay to download the videos, but, honestly, they are totally worth it.

bundleThe Bundle of the Week is another thing I love. I’ve been checking out their weekly sales since the beginning, and I’ve purchased several bundles of ebooks (all produced by bloggers like us), that have helped me out so much! This week there isn’t a bundle (see below for why), but next week’s bundle is Gluten-Free and Loving It, and it will feature 5 ebooks for $7.40. Head over to The Weekly Bundle and sign up if you want to know when it becomes available.


This week, the buzz is all about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It is a collection of 78 ebooks, 2 audio files, 2 ecourses, and 2 printables packs, along with a bunch of bonuses from online shops. All of this is only $29.97 for pdf files, or $39.97 for pdf files and Kindle files. I bought the last one, and I’ve also been able to purchase this one ahead of time. And, let me tell you, both bundles have been worth every single penny.


The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is only available from Wednesday, April 23rd through to Monday, April 28th. So, seriously, head on over and purchase your bundle. You aren’t going to regret it.

Are there any online resources like this that you find useful? Are there ebooks I need to be reading? Let me know in the comments, please!

If you sign up for the Weekly Bundle through my link, I will make 15ยข every time you purchase a bundle. If you buy The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through my link, I will make a small amount of money. Honestly, though, I would be promoting these regardless.)

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