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Gah, April is just ticking away. On one hand, that means warm weather is immanent. Right? Right? But it also means that The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale is almost over. Okay, I know this isn’t of interest to some of you, but, seriously, if you are on the fence about this bundle you really should pick it up. The resources in it are amazing. Check out the video below for an idea of what you could accomplish this year with the help of the bundle.

I’m already digging in to the resources that help with meal planning. And, next month, I’ll be making use of my free one month membership to Once a Month Meals. Seriously, if there is one thing I really, really need help with, it is figuring out meals. We are such picky eaters here, and have a few dietary issues, so food is hard. (The little man has severe peanut and tree nut allergies, and I’m lactose intolerant and won’t eat meat that is on a bone. Yeah, I’m weird.)  Any help I can get in figuring out menus, meal plans, and ways to make cooking easier is really appreciated, and I’m getting a pile of help from this bundle.

sewing school 101Another resource that may appeal to some of you is the ebook Sewing School 101. I’m more or less at peace with my sewing machine, but I found tonnes of handy tips in this book. The author covers hand and machine sewing, prepping your fabrics, installing zippers, and a whole lot more. She has even included some tutorials. You (yes, you!) will be able to make a cute doll carrier (I bet your daughter, niece or granddaughter would love one), doll clothes or a tote bag. This is super handy book.

BigBookBundleIf you’d like to learn more about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, head over here. And if you have some questions, be sure to check out their FAQ. And all the fine print you will ever need can be found here. To pick up the bundle for yourself for less than $30 for the PDF version, or less than $40 for the Kindle+PDF version, click the links below. You’ve only got until Monday, April 28th!

These are affiliate links, and I will make a small amount of money if you choose to purchase the bundle. However, I have purchased my own bundle and I am only promoting it because I believe it to be a useful resource.

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