Happiness Complete

It has been another busy week. It seemed like every time I wanted to take some pictures and write a blog post or two, something else would come up. On the bright side, we had several showings, but, unfortunately, no offers on our condo you. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

La Pensée Positive from Les Marottes de Nathalie


I also managed to find some time to finally finish up La Pensée Positive from Les Marottes de Nathalie. I decided to use the French version because I am working on improving my terrible high school French. (In Ontario, back when I was in school, we all took French from grade 3 through to grade 9, with the option to take more in later years. I stopped in grade 9, but I did take a year or two of Japanese in university.)

Sheep and flowers

Sheep and flowers

The fibres are a mix of Dinky Dyes oops packs, Hand-Dyed Fibers detritus bags, and DMC floss. The little sheepies are stitched in Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff.

I’m not totally happy with my colour choices; the dark green is perhaps too dark, and there is too much contrast between the two pinks. But, over all, I am pleased with the finished design and I can’t wait to finish it into a bellpull and hang it in my new craftroom.

And, since we are talking about happiness, why not leave me a comment and let me know which cross stitch design makes you the happiest? For me, it would be The Wedding. I love looking at the finished piece and remembering my wedding ceremony in Mexico.

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