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Small small

Hey, did you notice that the month is about halfway done? Do you know what that means? It means that the Smalls SAL check-in is getting closer. How is your stitching coming along? That’s a little peek at what I’ve … Continue reading

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Happiness Complete

It has been another busy week. It seemed like every time I wanted to take some pictures and write a blog post or two, something else would come up. On the bright side, we had several showings, but, unfortunately, no … Continue reading

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At the End of My Yarn

Oh, dear. I’ve run out of yarn and I still have half a foot to knit! I’m having bad luck, aren’t I? The socks are Diamond Shreddies by Carrie Van Kessel, and they were the round 3 socks from Sock … Continue reading

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Running Out

I have mixed feelings about kits. On one hand, I love being able to get started without having to fuss around gathering supplies. On the other hand, I seem to run out of floss all the time. It must be … Continue reading

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Maggie and Mildred

I was poking around through some old files and posts and came across this super cute video. Enjoy! Maggie and Mildred from Holly Klein on Vimeo. Also, if you haven’t already voted, please head over to this post and let … Continue reading

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Kitty Cat

There are lots of reasons I’m looking forward to moving back into a house. Having a backyard, for example, or not hearing my neighbour flush their toilet in the middle of the night. High on my list of things to … Continue reading

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Which Stitch do You Stitch?

Last week, one of the British cross stitch magazines posted a message on Facebook asking people which way they made their stitches. Now, I was aware that I made my stitches differently from many of the people I know, but … Continue reading

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