A Good Day

This has been a big year for limited edition kits. Lizzie*Kate, Just Nan, and several others have released a whole pile of them through out the year. And, I’ll admit, I’ve fallen for this false sense of scarcity and snapped up some of these kits.

Today is a Good Day, designed by Sweetheart Tree

Today is a Good Day, designed by Sweetheart Tree

This is Today is a Good Day from Sweetheart Tree. The kit includes everything you need, including fabric, floss, and beads. If you decide to pick it up (and a few shops still have it), be aware that some kits come with the bow charm that is pictured on the cover and some come with a heart, like mine did.

The finished design is pretty small, but very sweet. I’m not sure how to finish it. I’d like it to be somewhere that I can see it often, since it is a nice reminder. So, I may hunt down a frame, or maybe I will finish it on a tin.

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