Little Pouch

Now that I’ve got my craft room more or less organized, I’ve been working on a couple of small projects.

Mini Cosmetic Bag, designed by Quilt-a-Bag

Mini Cosmetic Bag, designed by Quilt-a-Bag

This is a mini pouch from Quilt-a-Bag, and the kit was a birthday gift from my friend Erica. You may remember that I made a larger version of this pouch a while back, and I love it. It is perfect for storing my needlework supplies, like my scissors, needle book, laying tool, and even a small tube of hand cream.

Mini Cosmetic Bag interior

Mini Cosmetic Bag interior

This smaller bag is great for storing cables and charges. I used it when I went to the Creativ Festival to corral my phone and Kobo cables and other miscellaneous pieces.

I think I need to get my hands on some more purse frames and make up a few more of these, in both sizes, since they are super useful and very cute!


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2 Responses to Little Pouch

  1. Dima says:

    I love the bags you sew. It’s really cute. You mentioned a kit, what does it come with?

  2. What a beautiful little purse. As you say, it’s ideal for storing needlecraft bits and pieces, but I would never have though of storing cables etc. in it. I may need to make myself a few of these…