I have finally finished my most favourite knitting project ever.

Phil the Hermit Crab

Phil the Hermit Crab

This is Phil, named after a friend’s continuous line of hermit crabs named Phil. The pattern is Hansi Singh’s Hermit Crab, and the yarn is Bernat Satin in Silk, Lavender, Teal and Crimson.



This was a super tricky pattern with lots of Kitchener Stitch, short rows and other funky things. And, to be totally honest, I set it aside for a while (umm, like a year and a half) because I was a little frustrated. But, after only about a days more work I was able to get him all put together. I even added pipe cleaners to all his limbs so he is poseable.

And, goodness, does it ever feel good to have him done! I think he looks great and I feel really accomplished for managing to pull it off! I’m also so happy to have an old UFO finished. Maybe I should dig out another old project to work on.

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7 Responses to Phil

  1. Joanne P says:

    I am intrigued by your friend’s hermit crab obsession, how many has he had? How long do they live? Why has he had such a long line of them?
    The mascot for my brother’s University Maths Club was a lobster called Wesley as a pun on the president’s name, Lesley Webster. Random seafood fact!

  2. Erica says:

    I’m actually the friend with the hermit crabs named Phil. I work with an organization where I go into elementary schools and teach children about various aspects of science. One of my programs is about animal habitats and I use Phil to show the young scientists an animal that carries his habitat with him.

    The reason why there has been a long line of Phils ( I currently have two Phils – Shy Phil and Really Big Phil) is because I have terrible luck keeping them alive. My first Phil died because he lived on the piano and the vibrations stressed him out. Phil the second died of old age. Phil the third is Shy Phil and he’s been around for almost a year now. Phil the fourth was stressed from the pet store and died 2 days after I got him home. Phil the Fifth has just joined the crabitat and is much more outgoing than Shy Phil.

    And I love your knitted Phil. Perhaps I should knit one myself. I’d probably have better luck with him………..

  3. apxstitch says:

    Such a cute finish!

  4. Catherine says:

    Oh my gosh he is adorable.


  5. wendy says:

    he is so cute! Well done for busting a UFO. I’m working on my UFOs and WIPs at the minute, I don’t really have an urge to start something new so I’m making the most of it. Mind you, I’m going to have to start something new if I want to get my Small for the SAL done…

  6. Kim McCool says:

    He is so darned CUTE!! I broke into a big smile when I saw Phil.

  7. Blu says:

    What an incredible finish! He looks so fiddly and complicated!