Baby Still Keeping

You know, backstitching is actually pretty quick to do, but it always feels like it takes soooooo long.

Vintage Baby Sampler

Vintage Baby Sampler

I’ve made a bit more progress since I took this picture, but I still feel like I’m stuck in an endless backstitching nightmare. And there isn’t even that much backstitching in this piece, well, if you ignore the letters.

I had to made some adjustments to the top section, moving the vine down a row and leaving out a couple of flowers, and also moving the name and date lines down a row. The cute little girl I am stitching this for has a very long middle name (honouring her aunt and also keeping alive a slightly unique family name), and it took a bit of work to make it fit.

The design is Vintage Baby Sampler from issue 225 of World of Cross Stitching magazine. And, I am hopeful that it will be done very soon. 😉

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