Witches and Creepers

I few months back I mentioned that I managed to snag an embroidery machine for a really good price on Amazon Prime Day. And, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it since then. Well, I have been playing around with it and learning how to use it properly. It isn’t too difficult to use; the main issue is getting the tension of the fabric right as well as pairing the fabric with the right stabilizer.

Kitchen Witch, designed by Urban Threads

Kitchen Witch, designed by Urban Threads

This is Kitchen Witch from Urban Threads (my favourite embroidery pattern site). Because I use a different brand of thread than them (Brother vs. Madeira), I had to adjust some of the colours. And, as you can see, I haven’t quite figured out proper tension and stabilizer. I used a tear-away when I clearly should have used a cut-away. But, since this was a learning piece meant for me, I’m happy enough with it.

Kitchen Witch, designed by Urban Threads -- inserted into hotpad

Kitchen Witch, designed by Urban Threads — inserted into hotpad

Here she is all stretched and placed within a needlework hotpad from MCG Textiles. Not too bad!

Demolition Company Badge on backpack

Demolition Company Badge on backpack

This is Demolition Company Badge from EmbroIderes.com, and it went much better. I used a slightly heavier cotton fabric as the base, and a heavy cut-away stabilizer. Again, I had to adjust some colours. (I’m seriously thinking about buying a set of Madeira or Sulky at the Creativ Festival since they seem to be more standard.) I cut it out very, very carefully and then hand-sewed it on to my son’s backpack. (My poor fingers were very sore after that!)

I’m working on a few other projects which I hope to share soon. Machine embroidery is a lot of fun! But there is so much to know in order to ensure that the stitching turns out right.

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5 Responses to Witches and Creepers

  1. Heather says:

    They look good so far!

  2. Joanne P says:

    Two great starts for your machine embroidery hobby! It looks like a much quicker hobby than cross stitching which must be nice if you are making a gift for someone else.

  3. Susan says:

    I love watching machine embroidery being done. The designs appear like magic. I didn’t realize there was so much involved with it.

  4. Judith says:

    Looks great, I love the Urban threads designs

  5. Machine embroidery is also addictive! Just asked my Hubby!!
    He now has a second machine (bigger than the first) and he can quite happily spend a day in the craft room with his machine!! He eventually wants to “invest” in a 16 needle one….. but that might have to be his retirement purchase!!
    Hubby uses Brother and Madeira threads, and also another one called Hemingworth (he uses that one the most). Not sure what you will end up doing with this new addiction, but check out the Molly Mine website (https://www.mollymine.com/) and Anita Goodesign website (http://www.anitagoodesignonline.com/) – they have some great patterns available to buy. Even my fingers itch when I see what gorgeous things that Hubby creates… :o)
    Have fun!
    Hug xx