Smalls SAL and Other Updates

Hello, my Stitchy Friends. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this rather mixed up year. I appreciate all the emails from you checking to make sure that all is well and just to see what I’m up too. Everything is fine here, I’ve just needed more time away from blogging and the Internet than I expected. I needws to re-evaluate how I use the Internet and what I want to share.

As some of you know, I made the decision to shut down both my Instagram and Twitter accounts, and I have stepped away from my personal Facebook page a few times this year.

Don’t worry, though. This blog isn’t going anywhere. I started it way back in 2003 (the first post is 2002, but that was done in an offline mode), and I still love it. Behind the scenes I’m working on a redesign and a bit of a shift in focus. Stitching Lotus will always be about my stitching, but it will hopefully grow to into something a bit more in the near future.

“So, what about the Smalls SAL?” I can hear you asking. I know that I have really let you all down this year, and I am very sorry about that. I have had a couple of bloggers reach out to my about hosting it in 2019, and I am just waiting to hear back to finalize details. I’m sad to be passing on the reins, but I also feel that it is better in other hands since I have been so unreliable this year. (Believe me, unreliable is one word that is rarely if ever used to describe me, so this is very out of character.)

For December, I’d love it if you shared your Smalls via the comment section of this post. I’m sorry there is no link list for this month but I have shut down my account with the service provider due to my disappointment with their newly upgraded product and the on-going monthly costs.

Thank you so much for your patience and I am sorry that I wasn’t able to keep the Smalls SAL running smoothly in 2018.

Here’s to a much better 2019 full of lots of beautiful stitching!

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13 Responses to Smalls SAL and Other Updates

  1. I was relieved to see your post, as I was worried that things weren’t going well for you. I have enjoyed the Smalls SAL and welcome the opportunity to participate next year. I wish you well for 2019, and hope that for all of us 2019 brings a year of good health and contentment.

  2. Rachel says:

    Your well being should always be top priority, and it sounds like you’ve had a lot to deal with this year, but I can’t deny it would be good to have you back regularly!

    Thank you for hosting the Smalls SAL for so long. I have thoroughly enjoyed every month and seeing so many smalls from other participants. I’m sorry that you’re passing the reins, but will continue to participate (and hope to see you there too?) This is my December link:

    Wishing you a healthy, happy, and generally better 2019. 🙂

  3. Catherine says:

    I understand why these things happen, I got rid of Facebook myself, just too easy to get hacked, plus Blogger is much more of a personable page to be on, looks better also.
    Sometimes things happen for a reason, if someone else wants to do the Smalls SAL that is great.
    I have not participated in the Smalls SAL but enjoy seeing what others are doing.
    So happy to see a post from you.

    Happy New Year

  4. Brenda says:

    I totally understand, but I am thankful that you shared your updates and feelings with us to keep us in the loop. (I understand how life can get in the way and taking time away from posting as much. My 2018 was that way this year.)

    Here is my blog link for my Dec Smalls post. Happy New Year and Happy Stitching to everyone!

  5. Heather, so glad you are doing ok. Family and personal well-being should always come before technology. I give you sincere thanks for sponsoring this SAL and wish you the best in 2019.

  6. Sandra Longan says:

    Glad your ok Heather. You can check out my mini snowflakes and a couple of finishes at
    Hugs, Sandy

  7. Glad to know you are doing well. Hope and family had a good Holiday.

    Here’s my small for Dec:

    Wishing everyone a Stitchy 2019!!

  8. dragonsluver says:

    Mark me down as one who is very glad to hear from you too. We all understand life changes. I just want to say Thank you for setting up the Smalls SAL in the first place. It was a great push to do some small pieces instead of the large pieces I used to stick to. I’ve finished 3 sets of monthly designs thanks to this SAL. I look forward to seeing who takes over and continuing this fantastic idea. Will be glad to see you back soon.

  9. dragonsluver says:

    Forgot to include my link haha. Oh well. Here it is.

  10. rosey175 says:

    It’s shame when service providers “upgrade” their product to something less useful with fees. I lost a lot of content on photobucket when they decided to go insane.

    Thanks for hosting the Smalls SAL these past few years and good for you to focus on you! Happy New Year and 2019 will be awesome. 🙂

  11. I totally understand where you’re coming from… 2018 wasn’t a good year for me blogging wise and I closed my twitter account as I just didn’t use it at all! IG and FB I am still active on but 2019 is the year to resurrect the blog!
    While I am sorry to hear that you will be handing over the reins of the Smalls SAL, I hope it does still continue as I would like to get back into that space again this year!
    All the best for 2019!
    Take care, hugs xx

  12. Sheryl says:

    I have really enjoyed taking part in the Smalls SAL during the last few years and understand how you need a break with blogging. I wish you well in this brand new 2019.