Finish: Candy Cane Santa Stocking

Hello again, Stitchy Friends! Given that I wasn’t around much last year, you’d be forgiven for thinking I didn’t do much stitching. And, truth be told, I did do less than in some past years. (Believe it or not, my most productive year was the year my son was born. He is a January baby, and I pretty much spent the year with a baby asleep on my lap while I stitched to keep myself busy.) I didn’t have many finishes to show you in 2018, but there was one big project that did get done that I didn’t share.

Candy Cane Santa Stocking, designed by Dimensions

Yes! I finished up my husband’s Christmas stocking well before Christmas. The final stitches were put in some time in the middle of November or so and it was sewn up into a stocking right at the start of December.

Five Christmas stockings, all from Dimensions.

That’s nine years to stitch five stockings. I took a bit of break after stitching my son’s, but once I got going and got more and more of them done I couldn’t wait to see them all hanging on our fireplace.

And here they are after Santa paid a visit. The only drawback of these stockings is that they are a little on the slim side, so Santa needs to leave a few extra gifts outside of the stocking. (Also, that is indeed a squeaky unicorn toy. Doesn’t every family need one?)

I haven’t quite decided what I will focus on next. There are a lot of medium-sized projects I should get done, and a whole bunch of smalls too. Who knows what 2019 will bring.


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10 Responses to Finish: Candy Cane Santa Stocking

  1. Catherine says:

    Heather: They are all beautiful.


  2. dragonsluver says:

    Wow those are beautiful. Yes everyone needs a unicorn squeaky toy. Good luck with your 2019 stitching goals.

  3. They are lovely. Such alot of work.

  4. Rachel says:

    The stockings all look great together and can hopefully be used for many more years. I like the traditional size of them too, even if not everything fits in! 🙂

  5. Beautiful stitching, how fun to have them all done and together for Christmas.

  6. Mini says:

    The stocking is beautiful. Well done.

  7. The whole collection looks very festive!

  8. Tracy says:

    Those stockings are amazing!!

  9. I love your stockings, and they look so festive and cheerful lined up on Christmas Day! One of the greatest gifts my Mom ever made me was a cross-stitch stocking and I treasure it to this day. It’s a little narrow too, so also had some left over outside presents. I especially love the one with the pretty cardinal on the toe ?

  10. Joanne P says:

    The stocking collection is fabulous! It’s so nice to see them all together and full of gifts.