Back, Back, Back Again!

Hello, Stitchy Friends!

It has been just slightly over two years since the last time I posted. And, boy, has it been an interesting two years. I was busy with vacations, my son’s school, and lots of good things and was finally planning to dive back into blogging in early 2020. But, as you know, things happened. Thankfully my immediate family has been safe and healthy, but mentally things took their toll.

Be Well by The Drawn Thread

By Well, designed by The Drawn Thread

That isn’t to say I haven’t been busy with all sorts of good things. I’ve stitched and stitched and stitched. I’ve knitted and crocheted. I’ve crafted with my beloved Cricut, and I’ve even gotten more into card making. Creating things has been something I’ve done since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors, so even world-closing pandemics can’t change that.

Back to School Apple

1st Day of Grade 7 (online) apple, designed by SVG Cuts with some alterations by me to make it appropriate for the last school year

Over the next little while I’ll share some of what I’ve worked on. Be warned though, some of the pictures aren’t great. My focus has been on creating, not taking pictures. I’ll also share some of the creators who have inspired me during the lockdowns and kept me creating.

Saintly Plague Doctor by Night Spirit Studio

Saintly Plague Doctor, designed by Night Spirit Studio

Lastly, I’d like to say thank you so much to those of you who emailed me and checked in once in a while. It was very much appreciated.

I hope all of you are healthy, safe, and vaccinated and ready to get back into life again.

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8 Responses to Back, Back, Back Again!

  1. Susan Woolard says:

    So good to hear from you again. Love the Plague Doctor piece. It’s definitely something my son would like.

  2. I think I’ll have to do that Plague Doctor piece! We’re back in lockdown here in New Zealand, and it’s a bit scary. Stitching is definitely helping!

  3. Christine Forber says:

    Great to see you back. Sorry you weren’t able to join our August zoom stitching evening. maybe next month.

  4. Yes, 2020 – and 2021, frankly – have been rather a lot to take in for all of us. Good to have you back among us!

  5. Mary says:

    I’m so happy to see a new post from you, Heather! That Be Well piece is especially sweet. It’s good to hear you are still stitching and I look forward to seeing your work from the past 2 years as you get around to posting! The Smalls SAL is still alive and well over on my blog so feel free to share with us over there if you feel like it too!

  6. Meari says:

    Great stitching and crafting. I’ve gotten back into blogging, too. I’m hoping to get on a regular schedule again.

  7. Sheryl says:

    Hello Heather, So nice to find a post from you once again. I like the pretty Be Well piece and look forward to seeing what else you have been working on.

  8. Joanne P says:

    Lovely to see a post from you again! I stitched that Be Well piece myself when it was released.
    Love your Plague Doctor too.
    Hopefully we’ll see some more posts from you. The good news is that the Smalls SAL is still going strong!