Ornament of the Month – October 2011

Last week, just before the start of the CreativFestival, I finished up this month’s ornament of the month: Gingerbread Scissor Case from Victoria Sampler.

Gingerbread Scissor Fob from, Victoria Sampler

It is from the 2009 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. I stitched it on 28ct Antique Almond Cashel , using the tiny pack from Victoria Sampler. I also have the pattern, floss pack and enough fabric to stitch the Gingerbread Stitching House Collection. And, since this is now complete, I’m counting the house itself a WIP for WIPocalypse (like I need an excuse, or another project!).

So, two more designs to go and I’m at the end of my project. I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it, even though there were a few hiccoughs. (Too bad I didn’t do as well with my sock knitting idea. But there is always next year.) And, of course, I’m now thinking about what to do next year. I think I’m pretty good for Christmas ornaments now. Maybe I’ll try Halloween ornaments or maybe small Teresa Wentzler designs. What do you think? Check out the poll over in my right sidebar, and let me know.


You’re probably wondering what happen to my posts on the last two days of the Creativ Festival. Well, unfortunately, I am just exhausted, and I haven’t got it in me right now to write up a big post (this particular post, with the exception of this last paragraph, was actually written last week). I should have the final post ready in a day or so. But for now I will say fabric, books and a new sewing machine were purchased, dragons were stitched (okay, started), and there was much inspiration to be found.

Ornament of the Month – September 2011

I have a confession: September’s ornament isn’t quite done. It is all stitched, but I’ve misplaced the beads I want to use for embellishing it.

Victorian Christmas Tree from Sue Hillis

While is it very pretty, my Victorian Christmas Tree from Sue Hillis (2003 JCS ornament issue), is very bare. The model has small white bugle beads and gold seed beads on it, which look just like candles. Sue Hillis also used some faceted beads to make swags around the tree. My plan was just to do the candles, but my package of bugle beads has gone missing. I came up with a few other ideas while trying to sleep last night, just so I could get the ornament completely finished today. But, I ultimately decided that I’d rather miss my self-imposed deadline and make the tree I wanted, than just do something to finish it up. Still, I’m calling this ornament done, for now, since the stitching is complete.

Next month is busy, what with Thanksgiving, birthdays, the Creativ Festival and Halloween. If I was smart, I would get started on October’s ornament early. And, that is exactly what I plan to do. I’ll be working on Victoria Sampler’s Gingerbread Scissor Keep from the 2009 JCS ornament issue. I’ve got the thread pack sitting on my table, so all I need to do is hunt down the fabric.

Ornament of the Month – August 2011

So, the ornament of the month for August did not go as planned. As I mentioned in an early post, I made a mistake when I picked white fabric to stitch on. I really should have picked something with a tea-dyed effect. But, I decided to solider on and make a change or two, such as changing the white “flower box” at the bottom to a grey. Big, big mistake.

Deck the Windows by Julia Lucas

Uh, that isn’t a white flower box. It is snow… Darn. Clearly I should have got out the magazine and looked at the picture before I made changes. 🙁 And here I thought I was being super organized by making working copies of all the ornaments… Bah!!

Thankfully, I had a backup plan. I had bought (on clearance!) the tiny pack for the Victoria Sampler design Snow Baby Joey that is also in the 2008 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue.

Here he is before I cut the turkey work loops on his snowball:

Snow Baby Joey by Victoria Sampler (Designs by Cathy Jean) - snowball before

And here he is after the snowball has had a haircut:

Snow Baby Joey by Victoria Sampler (Designs by Cathy Jean)

He is stitched on 32 count Brittany (a new fabric for me), using silks, etc. from the tiny pack. I think he is pretty cute, although I do sort of wish he had a face. I don’t think I will try to add one though, as I’d rather not make a mess of it.

I will eventually get back to Deck the Windows. After all, I did stitch the companion design ages ago, and I also have the large wreath treasure. Right now, though, it needs to rest for a little while.

Ornament Frustrations

I’ve made a bit of progress on my ornament of the month (Deck the Windows by Julia Lucas).

Deck the Windows by Julia Lucas

I think it is looking pretty good. But, last night I realized that I had a problem. You see, the model is stitched on a tea-dyed linen. No big deal, you may think. We all change fabric colours all the time. Well, unfortunately, the bricks around the window are only added in using backstitch. That’s fine for a darker linen, but I’m not sure it will look right on the white I am using. I am thinking of giving it a try though, and changing the white flower box below the window to a light grey. All I know for sure is that I don’t want to stitch this again.

I also wanted to let everyone know that Daffycat of It’s Daffycat is having a a wonderful giveaway. Check out her blog for a chance to win a love fob and scissors set, and a cute little gnome needleminder.

Ornament of the Month – July 2011

Given that this month was supposed to be “Christmas in July”, it is a bit surprising that I didn’t finish up this month’s ornament until sometime early this morning.

Hardanger Ornament from Nordic Needle

This is Hardanger Ornament by Nordic Needle, from the 1999 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. It is stitch on 28 count white something (lugana?). I substituted DMC perle cotton #8 for the Rainbow Gallery Elegance, and I used DMC instead of Rainbow Gallery Splendour. Also, instead of doing lazy daisy flowers beneath the green stitching, I substituted some small Indian red Swarovski bicones. I think they add a lovely sparkle to the design. (You can’t tell though, since I took this picture in the evening. The nights really are starting to get noticeably longer.)

Next month’s ornament will be Home for Christmas by Julia Lucas Designs, and I won’t be leaving it until the last minute. I already have the fabric cut, and I will pull the floss for it in a couple of days.