A Trip to the Bookstore

I have a love affair with books. In every room of my home you will find at least ten different books (expect the bathroom, oddly enough). I read everything from cyberpunk fiction or ancient history non-fiction. I have books about empowering women, making a tasty meal, sliming down my cat, and the ancient and mystical Qabalah. My book collection probably numbers upwards of five hundred items, along with at least another one hundred magazines on various topics. So, as you can imagine, a trip to the bookstore is a wonderful thing for me.

I took a quite morning for myself yesterday. My main purpose was to find a pair of shoes to wear to the two weddings quanta and I will be attending in the next two months. With my mission accomplished quickly and painlessly (thank goodness for end of summer sales), I decided to reward myself with some time at the nearby mega-bookstore. My first stop was the magazine section, in hopes that the latest issue of Sage Woman would be in (ha!). Next I went to the bargain books. My hopes were to find a couple of good books about ancient history or mythology. You see, I’ve decided to move away from the typical Wiccan books and start doing some exploration through learning more about ancient civilizations. (I think I’ll get into this more in another entry.)

My next stop was the New Age/Wicca/Metaphysical section of the bookstore. It’s really amazing how much this section has grown in the two years we have been going to this store. And just recently they have doubled the amount of tarot decks and books they carry. But, I’m embarrassed to stand there and look at the books. It’s not because I’m afraid some overzealous follower of another religion is going to walk by and berate me. It’s because of all the sparkly, hot pink, silly books. Yeah, yeah, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I’ll remember that next time I see something like Witchin’: A Handbook for Teen Witches, complete with a picture of Ms. Horne lying on a fluffy purple rug. I can see how that would be infinitely better then a book on mythology, or reading a website written by someone not out to make a buck. *sigh*

I was pleased to see the trade paperback back versions of Ronald Hutton’s Triumph of the Moon sitting prominently on the shelf. And the re-released editions of Dion Fortune’s novels The Sea Priestess and Moon Magic were also there. Those are the kind of books we need more of.

What did I end up buying? Nothing. I was a good girl. I stopped by the library on my way home and picked up my favourite biography – Elizabeth: Struggle for the Throne by David Starky. It’s amazing the spiritual lessons you can learn from a mundane book.

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  1. DaphneyD says:

    I bumped into your site as I’ve been trying to research on Wicca. Since you are a practicing ‘witch’, is it posslble you could direct me to the best sites that give info on Spirituality/Metaphysical/Wicca history, books and stores in Toronto. I’m Catholic but don’t belive in the genre of the Catholic faith. I studied the Koran and want to look into other religions of the world , so I may have a belief pattern I can believe and follow. Wicca is the religion I found that accepts other things/beliefs from other religions, plus I like how Witchcraft is a very old religion. So if you could help me out woith the above, I would be greatly appreciated.