Plans within Plans

We have finally sent a date… a tentative date. And getting quanta to agree to it was like pulling teeth. The main issue – money. It always comes down to money. He doesn’t want to get married right away because we aren’t rich. The fact that he makes great money and that we live very well doesn’t mean a lot. We must have a huge nest egg put away. I can understand where he is coming from, but we already live together. Let’s get the formalities over with and get on with our lives.

Now that a date is set (September 25, 2004), I can start thinking about some other things. Next week I’m going to visit my parents and hopefully get a chance to look at a couple of venues that I am interested in. The Old Mill Inn and Liuna Station both look promising. Both are ceremony and reception venues, making planning just that much easier.

Mom and I will also start what promises to be a long hunt for my wedding gown. I really don’t enjoy clothes shopping, and I have no idea what style of dress I would like, so this will be rather interesting. Thankfully we have found a couple of shops that sell floor models and dresses from past seasons for very good prices. I know it’s a waste of money buying my dress, but I’d rather buy it then rent it. At least that way I’m left with something after shelling out a large amount of cash.

Oh, and quanta’s visit home went well. His mom didn’t say anything. I’m wondering if she is just hoping it will go away.

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