Goddess, Goddess Everywhere

WitchVox has linked to an interesting article entitled Goddess Craze Gone Goofy. The comments about it on WitchVox are mostly pretty dismissive. One poster even called it schoolyardish. Personally, I think the author makes some good points, although her manner is a bit too irreverent.

The “Goddess Movement” has gone a bit to far in some cases, I think. Goddess hikes, goddess fashion, goddess cards, etc. I’m guilty of owning a copy of the Goddess Tarot, and I do occasionally glory in my femininity (when no one is looking), but I know there is a limit. You see, it’s all about balance. Having women only events is nice, but men, and the God, should never be taken totally out of the equation. (Yes, I know about same sex couples, etc. But there is always a masculine and a feminine energy within the couples.) The author of the article, Ms. Kathleen Parker, ends her piece by saying: “The real name of the game is balance, yin and yang, male and female. And real goddesses, as with everything else, do not have to declare themselves.”

There you have it. Strive for balance and be yourself. What more do you need?

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