Darkness Falls

As you may or may not know, a good chunk of Ontario, Ohio, New York, and Michigan are experiencing a blackout right now. The power went out about 4:15 pm EDT yesterday afternoon. Some places, such as Burlington, Ontario, were back up within an hour or two. Here in London, Ontario, there were pockets of power from about 8 pm on. My power wasn’t restored until about 4:20 pm this afternoon.

I am so very grafeful to have my power back, and my heart goes out to those without power more then a day after this blackout. I hope that we can all be back up and running soon, and that anyone trapped anywhere has been or will be rescued.

My local radio stations , especially the AM news channels, were very helpful in providing information to the public. I’m not a fan of radio, but I was glad to have it these past two days.

Updates to my blog are likely to be infrequent until the power grid is stablized. Hopefully things will go smoothly and it will only be a couple of days.

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