Last Week’s Trip

What with one thing after another, I never did get around to posting about my trip home last week. It went much better then I expected.

First, dress shopping wasn’t any fun at all. Wedding dresses are sized completely wrong. I generally wear a size Y or Y-2 (Where Y is a number I don’t care to share. A girl needs to keep some secrets). When I tried on dresses I needed a Y+2 or a Y+4! What the heck?! As if things are stressful enough, I’m made to feel as if I am a fat cow. Ouch! Anyway, I did find a lovely dress, Mori Lee 3843, and a veil to match. And oddly enough, the little shop I bought it in is owned by one of the two sisters who lived down the street from my dad when he was a teenager. Small world. Now all that’s left is some shoes (which will depend on where we get married), and my tiara. Perhaps this one.

I also took a look at five different ceremony/reception venues while I was home. Hamilton, being a… umm… city with a good deal of Italian influence, doesn’t have a lot of different choices for receptions. Everywhere we went was essentially the same Italian banquet. And what with me being of Scotch-Irish decent, and quanta being Chinese, it doesn’t really work. There were two places that are promising though. The first is Chandelier Place, which is the typical Italian banquet hall, but with many more options to customise (and a really nice chef). The second is Ancaster’s Old Mill Inn, which is very classy, and has a beautiful outdoor chapel. The Old Mill is a good deal more expensive then Chandelier Place, but it would be so much nicer. And since September is such a busy month for weddings in Hamilton, we need to book some place soon.

One other thing taken care of last week as the invitations. Yes, it is way too early to order them, but I have finally found one that I would like to use. I received some samples in the mail last week, and the one I thought would to far too red is actually the perfect shade of purple. It’s wonderful when things go right.

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