Guess That Means No Terminator 4

Amazing. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new governor of California. After news like that, I think it is high time that I started that news fast I was talking about.

I’m really surprised by the outcome of this election, especially considering the way the campaigning went. We recently had an election here in Ontario, and the party who shared their ideas and kept the fight clean was elected, even though they didn’t promise to lower taxes. But Mr. Schwarzenegger hasn’t shared many, if any, of his plans. About the only thing he and the other candidates seemed to have talked about was the alligation of sexual harassment that were levelled against him. (He was a famous, foreign, good looking man. Why am I not surprised that he may have slept around in his younger days?) Why did he get elected if no one know what he stands for, other then being the “people’s governor.” Hey, come think of it, the Liberal party who got elected here said they were the “people’s government.” Maybe that phrase is the key to it all. 😛

Oh, there is one more thing that bothered me about this election. In news casts, most of the candidates were either spoken of by their whole name or as Mr. So-and-so. Yet, Mr. Schwarzenegger was called Arnold, Arnie, and other similar names while imitating his accent. Just because he is a Hollywood star and we feel as if we know him doesn’t me that he doesn’t deserve the respect of being called Mr. Schwarzenegger. Yeah, I’m a little old fashioned that way.

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