I’m a Citizen, not a Consumer!

I’m getting so tired of the commercialism that seems to be everywhere. And truthfully, I hate shopping. Whenever I go to the mall, a little tug of war goes on inside me. I’m drawn in by all the shiny baubles on display, but I am repealed by the commercialism of it all. There are salespeople trying to upsell you, magazine covers telling you what you must have, and ads trying to convince you that you can’t live with the “NEW Super Improved Widget!!” (What was wrong with the old, unimproved version anyway?)

It is so difficult to get away from this commercialism. It has even spread to the news. We aren’t citizens anymore. Heck, we aren’t even viewers–we are consumers. We consume information, we consume products, and we consume the Earth.

Where will it all end? Can our economy continue to grow? Can we continue to buy products? Our wages rise, and then our spending increases. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get ahead, except to stop spending. Yeah, I’m sure the economists out there will argue with me and give good reasons for growth and spending. Whatever. Personally, I’m tired of being bombarded by ads and salespeople. So what’s my solution? I don’t know. I guess I’ll take it one day at a time, fighting the urge to buy the newest widget. I will admit to books being a huge weakness, but I guess that’s what libraries are for.

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