Words and Numbers

I’ve got a bit of a secret. You see, I’m a lover of words. I’m not a great writer, or a good speller, and I couldn’t solve a crossword puzzle to save my life, but I still love words. That being the case, you’d maybe think that I would use larger words more often. Nope. I like small words, because they generally get the point across a lot more clearly. I’m not one of those writers who pepper their prose with $10 words, and claim that if you don’t understand them then you mustn’t be educated enough. Hey, not everyone loves words.

So, to indulge my passion, I took a trip over to the library on Tuesday afternoon. (The library is a wonderful place for word lovers and book lovers.) After poking around in all the usual places (why do people steal books?!), I took a trip over to the language section. There were several books just waiting for me to take home. Books about the creation of dictionaries (more exciting then it sounds), books on word etymology, books on the development of writing, and even a book on the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics. I wonder why I didn’t think to look in this section before. I’m hoping that by delving more into the mechanics of our language, that my writing will improve. I mean, the more you know the better you are, right?

Hey, I’ve got another secret to share… I also love numbers. They talk to me. 🙂

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3 Responses to Words and Numbers

  1. BrentN says:

    Got to admit that I lurve the words myself. More than just the words – the EXPERIENCE of reading. The smell of “book.” Go into a huge university library, up into the stacks, close your eyes, and smell. Just breathe. What a lovely smell.

    And if numbers talk to you, you should be a physicist. 🙂

  2. Silverlotus says:

    *sigh* I love books too. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves their smell. It’s sort of relaxing, yet somehow symbolizes knowledge and time.

    As for the numbers… well… it’s a little wierd. 5 and 7 don’t like each other. 🙂 And I was an Engineering Physics student for a couple of years. I liked Com. Sci. much more. But now I sort of regret the change.

  3. BrentN says:

    These days, Comp. Sci isn’t very employable. Perhaps moreso than English, but still not very employable. Then again, depending on what Engineering Physics would have encompassed (I’ve seen that moniker attached to a wide variety of programs), it might not be terribly employable either. Especially if it indicated a concentration in semiconductor engineering.